Skinny Bobby Harper's Story

Bob Harper's career began in 1960 at KFNF in Shenendoah, Iowa - the Seed Capitol of the World - where he was watered sufficiently to move on to Des Moines. For some reason this made him want to work in St. Joseph, MO, Peoria, IL, Rockford IL, and Dayton OH. Then - the BigTme: Cincinnati, Ohio, and a renowned top forty winner: WSAI.

By now, 'Skin' was developing his unique deejay style for which he would be widely known and which would make him the top rated deejay in every time slot he adopted. Quirky dramatic fantasies meandered in and out of his programs as characters he created seemed to take over the stations he hooked up with. He performed character voices on-the-fly but was always known in the business for his endless and careful program preparation.

Bobby's highly entertaining approach took him to WPLO in Atlanta and later to WQXI where he enjoyed great recognition and very large audiences. It was here that Bobby inspired the character of Johnny Fever in TV's WKRP Cinncinati. He went on to entertain in many other well known breeding grounds of top forty radio throughout the sixties, including Ft. Wayne, Buffalo and Detroit. He returned to Atlanta in 1969 where he remained and prospered - (except for a couple of top forty side trips to Louisville (WAKY) and to Kansas City (WDAF). But Atlanta became Bobby's real home in spite of continuing temptation from stations that wanted his "numbers".

In 1970, Bob Harper stepped into TV as one of television's two original Video DeeJays on the Now Explosion - the first music video music format on television. The other Now Explosion original was Harper's friend, Bob Todd. The Now Explosion was telecast all weekend in Atlanta on Ted Turner's Channel 17 and was syndicated nationally.

Bobby pretty much stopped running around the top forty radio world as his fame and identity with Atlanta grew. In Atlanta he worked also at WIIN, WGST, WLTA. In the middle seventies he decided to settle-in as an Atlanta icon.

The last seven years of Skinny Bobby's career were spent basking in the morning personality spotlight at The Blowtorch of The South. He was the celebrated top morning guy at WSB - AM/750.

Skinny Bobby left radio to join the executive ranks of Delta Airlines headquartered in Atlanta. In 1999, he joined the famed tourist attraction Underground Atlanta as its Business Development Manager. Bob Harper became a "suit" - but will always be remembered as one of radio's most creative and unusual entertainers.